To covet is to desire or crave that which is another’s, to have that for one’s self. The tenth Commandment prohibits coveting “anything that belongs to your neighbor.” Instead of desiring or craving what others have, our desire should be for Christ and the work of His Spirit in our life. Do not covet is a commandment for today.

Some say that craving or coveting is directly linked to ________________.


What is a characteristic of coveting? __________________________________________________


Coveting draws us away from God’s ________________ and ___________________ for us.


What is something that coveting leads to? __________________________________________________


In Romans 7, Paul highlights the idea that coveting is the __________ of _____________ _____________.


Ways of guarding our hearts and minds against coveting:

  1. Saturate our hearts and minds with ______ _______ ___ _____.
  2. Set our hearts and minds on _____________ _______________.
  3. Be ____________________ with what we have.
  4. Be _____________________.
  5. Be _____________________.
  6. ________________ ourselves.
  7. Covet the _____________ ______________.