In the Garden of Eden the serpent did not tell Adam and Eve the truth which lent to their decision to be disobedient to God. People not being truthful has been a problem ever since. As we follow Christ, who is the Truth, we should commit to being truthful in our words, thoughts, and actions. Do not lie is a commandment for today.

Being honest and truthful is not always easy, but our words contain _________ ___________.

 In the ancient Near East, the world surrounding the Israelites, _________ ______________was highly valued.

This commandment is more than telling the truth versus lying. It is about the _____________and the ____________________.

The command to not bear false witness is an act of __________ for our neighbors

The worst of it is that when we lie, we are behaving more like _________ than like ___________.

Everything that Satan tells us is a lie because he has no _________ within him.

When we belong to God, we will act according to the __________ ______ _________.

_____________ promotes love and growth in the community.


Speaking the truth in love looks like having the genuine love of Christ  permeate your every thought and word, with the desire to build the other person up.