Life Before Death: Think Big

Lenten Sermon Series: “Life Before Death”

  • March 1 “Think Big” Early in his ministry Jesus explained his purpose was to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught his disciples to have a Kingdom mindset, and his disciples today are to have a Kingdom mindset as well. For us to think big in this way helps us have that life before death.
  • March 8 “Look at What You Have” Our self-concept can be greatly improved when we consider what we have been given as Kingdom people, such as authority, God’s presence and power, joy, and the gift of prayer. With these gifts we can help advance God’s Kingdom. Looking at what we have within us from God helps us have that life before death.
  • March 15 “Pursue Togetherness” Jesus pursued alignment with his followers, instilling in them passion, commitment, understanding, and motivation for his Kingdom. This has been the case ever since as God’s people are together in pursuing His Kingdom. Being together as Kingdom people helps us to have that life before death.
  • March 22 “Make It Happen” Jesus empowered, authorized and dispatched his disciples to proclaim and manifest the Kingdom of God. They became his active agents in taking on his purpose in the Kingdom. We are to be those active agents today. Bringing Jesus’ Kingdom message into reality helps us to have that life before death.
  • March 29 “See the Ripples” Jesus spoke of the impact the Kingdom makes in this world. We can see the impact through our ministries, in our partnership with God, and in the increase of our faith. Seeing the results of participating in God’s Kingdom helps us to have that life before death.
  • April 5 “Dream On” Jesus’ dream of “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” is a dream that begets more, opening the doorway to still more possibilities. When we dream like Jesus we can see beyond our own limited view to more from God’s view for us. Dreaming in this way helps us to have that life before death.
  • April 9 “What’s for Supper?” The disciples could not have been prepared for all Jesus said and what happened during the Last Supper. Much more than mealtime conversation, are we prepared to have the life before death of which Jesus speaks?
  • April 10 “Any Last Words?” Jesus spoke several words while on the cross that can have powerful meaning for our faith and the living of our life. His words are lasting words given to us for our life before death.
  • April 12 “An Idle Tale?” According to Luke’s gospel, when the women told the disciples about the resurrection of Jesus their words seemed to them an idle tale. Is the resurrection an idle tale or does it in fact move us? A resurrection faith moves us forward in the life we can have before death.