To honor your parents implies respect, obedience, and submission to their authority.  It is the only commandment accompanied by a stated promise.  Those who honor their parents are promised God’s blessing.  Honoring our parents is more than a family obligation.  We honor God by honoring our parents.  Honoring our parents is a commandment for today.

Questions to Answer As You Listen

We honor our parents ultimately for ________  _____, not our own or our parent’s, because we are called by God to honor the roles that God created and intended for good, despite the sin that can mar such a good creation.

Both parents and children have the mutual responsibility to ___________  ____________ to each other.

The bigger issue at hand is how we should interact in _____________________  ____________.

God is the one who created _________ and God is also the one who gives us the guidance we need in our parent-child relationships.

Genesis has many accounts of parents and children being _______________.

Families are intended to be a _______________ of God’s love and relationship.

As Christians, our faith in Christ should make us better __________and better ___________.

Not only does God provide guidance for our parent-child relationships, God also _______ these relationships.