A Day Apart - 4th Commandment

Drawing on the fact that God Himself created in six days and rested on the seventh, we have been provided with the gift of a day to observe and focus on the worship of God and rest.  This day is not be burdened with all kinds of manmade restrictions, and is to be the intended blessing and benefit to us.  Honoring the Sabbath, a day apart, is a commandment for us today.

Questions to Answer As You Listen

The application of the fourth commandment runs a ____________ ________________ today.

The Sabbath was never intended to be a ________________ ______________.

The Sabbath was established to be a day set apart from normal work and activities to _____________ ______________ and ________________ __________________, to serve human needs, to be a blessing.

The purpose of the Sabbath has three important elements to it. One, it is a day apart for _______________.

A second important element of the Sabbath is that it is a day apart for ______________________.

A third important element of the Sabbath is __________________.

“He who observes the day, observes it __________ ______ __________.”