Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights and Announcements:

  • Monday: 
    • Draw Near to God: 9:30 am, Classroom 2
    • Scouts: 7:00 pm, Fellowship Hall
    • Men’s Group: 7:00 pm, Starbucks
    • Missions: 7:00 pm, Conference Room
  • Tuesday: 
    • Women’s Bible Study: 9:30 am, Classroom 2
    • STIC: 6:00 pm, Classroom 5
    • Finance Committee: 7:00 pm, Conference Room
    • Trinity Live: 7:30 pm, Sanctuary
  • Wednesday:
    • Prayer Team: 10:00 am, Parlor
    • Whiz Kids: 4:15 pm
    • Wednesday Night Dinner: 6:00 pm Fellowship Hall
    • Choir Rehearsal: 6:45 pm, Sanctuary
    • Anna Circle: 7:30 pm, Sacred Grounds
  • Thursday: 
    • Pastor’s Bible Studies: 10:00 am will not meet; 6:30 pm will, Conference Room
    • Threads of Love 2: Not meeting.
  • Friday:
    • No activities scheduled
  • Saturday:
    • No activities scheduled
  • Sunday: 
    • Services at 8:15, 9:30 & 11:00


DISTRICT TRAINING DAY: The Training Day provided by our District will be Saturday, January 25, at Armstrong Chapel. The keynote speaker is Sam Rodriguez, Director of Faith Formation and Community Engagement for the West Ohio Conference. He will speak on the theme, “Love Your Neighborhood.” The Training Day offers other sessions as well on a variety of topics helpful for ministry areas of churches. If you are interested in more information and/or attending, please contact Pastor Kirk to get registered.

CHURCH COUNCIL: The first Church Council meeting of the year is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29, at 7:00 p.m. in Classroom 4/6. This is an important meeting with the 2020 Budget and new ministry initiatives on the agenda. All ministry leaders and Church Council at-large members are expected to attend and everyone is invited to attend.

Good Monday Morning, Mondays at 9:30 a.m. on our Facebook page.

Milford Miami Ministry is collecting:

  • Donations of the Month for the Milford Miami Ministry (MMM) Food Pantry: In order to help keep the MMM food pantry continually stocked, each month we will have a different food item and a non-food item to be donated.  January: Canned Soup and Toothpaste and Toothbrushes, February: Canned Vegetables Feminine Care Products.

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It is 2020 and our vision is to be:
“A Christ-centered community providing HOPE and
SUPPORT where everyone is accepted.”