Current Sermon Series

“Scripture Every Day” Summer Series

June 5 “The Holy Spirit in Everyday Life” Jesus promised his disciples the Holy Spirit for when he was no longer physically present in the world. That promise was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost, and the promise continues for believers to have the Spirit living in and through them for everyday life.

June 12 “Scripture in Everyday Life” God provides an abundance for us in and through His word, the Bible, so that we may live as He has designed for us to live. With the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of God’s word for us, we are to follow in that guidance for everyday life.

June 19 “God in Everyday Life” As believers, we are to live with faith in the existence and glory of God. Our faith submits to and agrees with God’s revelation of His existence and character. In our faith we are to live for God in our everyday life.

June 26 “God’s Holiness in Everyday Life” We can live every day in the situations and locations of our life in a constant recognition of the holiness of God. The truth of the holiness of God is to capture our heart, and in doing so, shape our deepest longings, our most influential motivations, the way we make decisions, the things we say, and the actions we take in everyday life.

July 3 “God’s Sovereignty in Everyday Life” If we believe that our world is not out of control by fate or change, but rather it is under the careful control of our sovereign God who is the definition of power, wisdom, and love, then we can live life with peace, confidence, and hope. The sovereignty of God guarantees the reliability of God’s promises for everyday life.

July 10 “God’s Omnipotence in Everyday Life” In our needs, challenges, and difficulties, we struggle to entrust these things to the care of Almighty God. However, if believe God meets our weakness with His power, we will have hope and change the way we think about and deal with the hard places in our everyday life.

July 17 “Creation in Everyday Life” The truth of creation and God the Creator should stop us in our tracks, fill us with awe and wonder, humble us, and drop us to our knees. God has designed everything He made with a purpose, and calls us to be good stewards of His creation, as He has authority over all. Creation puts God at the center for everyday life.

July 24 “The Image of God in Us in Everyday Life” Many of our relational difficulties and so much of the sadness that results occur because we have lost sight of what it means to live with and relate to one another as persons made in the image of God. Understanding that the image of God has been imprinted on every one of us not only forms our foundational understanding of who we are, but is meant to shape the way we view, live with, react toward, and respond to one another in everyday life.

July 31 “Sin in Everyday Life” If we believe the problem of sin can only be overcome by means of God’s intervening grace, then this belief will fundamentally change the way we view our self and what we need, our thinking about the meaning and purpose of life, our view of right and wrong, our perspective on what is true and false, where we look for comfort and strength, what is important and what is not, and where true hope can be found. The problem of sin should point us for help in one direction—to Jesus in everyday life.

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