Worth It Sermon Series - Jan 2021

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January “Worth It” Series

  • January 3  Epiphany Sunday; Communion; “Worth It” series begins
    • Message:  “Treasures Worth Sharing” We have been gifted untold treasures. These treasures include our living faith, our Holy Scriptures, and the distinctive marks and beliefs of our Wesleyan tradition. Are we fearfully holding onto these treasures, keeping them safely cocooned in our institutions and buildings? Or, are we bravely setting out on the difficult journey to offer these treasures for Christ?
    • Scriptures:  Matthew 2:1-12; Matthew 25:14-30
    • Kirk Peterson preaching
  • January 10 
    • Message:  “A Movement Worth Joining” The Holy Spirit is up to something new. The Fresh Expressions movement began in England, immediately joined the Methodists, came to America, and now to us. The Holy Spirit is not only working on the church, the Spirit is already at work in our community! Paul’s words began to be received when he paused to Observe, Connect, and then Proclaim. Fresh Expressions similarly calls us to see what the Holy Spirit is already organically building, and join.
    • Scriptures: Acts 17:16-34
    • Jennifer Burns preaching
  • January 17
    • Message:  “Harvest Worth Working” The age of Christendom often raised cultural and congregational Christians, and led to a faith constrained to “moralistic-therapeutic deism.” We are living in post-Christendom where “nones & dones” are a large percentage. Does our heart break with Jesus as we see these numbers? Or, is it just depressing? Or, do we blame “those people?” Or, will we reimagine church outside the walls that will join in God’s harvest work?
    • Scripture:  Matthew 9:35-38; John 4:31-38
    • Kirk Peterson preaching
  • January 24
    • Message:  “Lifestyle Worth Embracing” Paul calls us to see our bodies as living sacrifices that show and live the Gospel in all situations. A Gospel of love, sacrifice, hospitality, etc. Will we embrace living this lifestyle in all of the networks we inhabit? Will we incarnate the Gospel in our first, second, and third spaces? Worship then, is not limited to Sunday mornings in church, but can happen anywhere at any time with anyone.
    • Scripture: Romans 12:1-21
    • Kirk Peterson preaching
  • January 31
    • Message:  “Lives Worth Accompanying” Discipleship is a journey of life together and mentoring that leads to spiritual formation. Jesus began by inviting the disciples to Belong to his band of followers, then they began to Behave differently as they adapted to Jesus’ leadership, which then led to Believing in the foundational principles of that group. This is different from Believing (information), Behaving (acting), and then Belonging (joining), which was the former style of church growth/membership.
    • Scriptures:  John 1:43-51; John 15:8-11
    • Jennifer Burns preaching

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