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Summer Sermon Series: “You’ll Get Through This”

  • June 7 Summer series begins: “You’ll Get Through This” Whatever trial or tribulation, whatever pain or affliction, whatever trouble or difficulty, in faith we can know God will get us through, even reweaving our experiences for a higher purpose. God will get us through.
  • June 14 “Going Down?” When things are looking down in our life, we have reminders from God about who we are in God’s eyes, and God’s ability to lift us up despite what is bringing us down. God will get us through.
  • June 21 “Alone But Not Alone” In our difficulties we may feel alone, but like Joseph we are not alone and can succeed because God is with us. Nothing we go through as God’s people is without God’s presence with us. God will get us through.
  • June 28 “Actions Have Consequences” We all know that our actions have consequences, although sometimes we don’t seem to consider what the consequences are or will be. We do well to always do what pleases God. God will get us through.

  • July 5 “There Will Be a Test” Every day we are tested through people, pain, or problems. We do well to see our tests as something God can use for His glory and our maturity. God will get us through.
  • July 12 “Wait While God Works” We live in the “land” between prayer offered and prayer answered. From an earthly perspective it sometimes seems that nothing is happening while we are waiting and waiting. However, we can trust that waiting while God works brings good results. God will get us through.
  • July 19 “Bounce Back” In life we take a lot of hits that potentially can knock us down for the count. Yet, by God’s strength we can stand again and persevere. God will get us through.
  • July 26 “Is God Good When Life Isn’t?” When seemingly God fails to meet our expectations we may question His goodness. However, God’s knowledge of things far exceeds ours. In whatever we go through, we can trust in the fact that God is good all the time. God will get us through.

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