01- One True God

God created us in His image and intends for us to be in faithful relationship with Him above all else.  We were made to worship God, but are we worshiping God or other gods in our life?  Sometimes we may not identify those as other gods.  The one true God who created us, loves us and died for us deserves all of our love and worship.  To have no other gods before the one true God is a commandment for us today.


Questions to Answer As You Listen

These commandments are given within the context of God’s _________and are grounded in God’s ____________.

In this revelation on Mt. Sinai, God is creating the boundaries and stipulations for the ________________between God and Israel.

The first commandment that God establishes is ____________________________

God reveals Himself to Moses and the people of Israel as ___________________.

We were made to worship, but the most important question is, _____________________?

Whatever we give our ________________________ to becomes our god.

Our relationship with everyone and everything else will flow out of __________________.

The only necessary knowledge is the knowledge that we are _______________________.

No other god loves us enough to _________________.

The one true God deserves our love and worship alone because of __________________.