Lenten “Cross Words of Jesus” Series

March 2 (Ash Wednesday)  “Repent and Believe the Gospel”  Jesus began his ministry with a message of repentance and faith.  Repentance is more than feeling sorry about sins, it is a change of direction.  Without repentance, hope is highly hindered.  Repentance involves action which gives witness to our faith and the grace we receive from God through Christ.  Such witness brings hope. Scriptures: Mark 1:14-15; Acts 2:37-39

March 6  “Father, Forgive Them”  Jesus suffered beyond our comprehension and still forgave.  The “them” Jesus forgave includes us and our sins.  We have the blessing of God’s forgiveness for us and we have the example of Jesus to follow in forgiving others for their “trespasses” against us.  Letting go of the past, we forgive and turn to the future freed for hope. Scriptures:  Luke 6:27-36; Luke 23:32-38

March 13  “Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise”  Jesus endured vicious taunts calling into question who he was.  One of those being crucified with him showed faith in Jesus’ identity, asking to be remembered in his coming kingdom.  Jesus made the promise of Paradise for the man, and Jesus makes the promise of Paradise, God’s presence, for us, in this world and the next.  There is hope in the fact that no one is beyond redemption. Scriptures:  Revelation 2:7; Luke 23:39-43

March 20  “My God, My God”  On the cross, in all his suffering Jesus felt abandoned by God.  Yet, he knew he was truly not alone.  We may have our times of feeling forsaken by God, but we can trust that God never leaves nor forsakes us.  Even down in the “murky water,” we have hope as an anchor. Scriptures:  Psalm 22:1-5; Matthew 27:45-49

March 27  “Woman, Here Is Your Son”  To the disciple “whom he loved,” Jesus gave his mother into his care.  Nearness to, trust, and confidence in Jesus brings a new kind of kinship.  Through faith in Jesus, we become members of His family.  We have hope through community. Scriptures:  John 2:1-5; John 19:25b-27.

April 3 “I Am Thirsty” Being fully human, on the cross Jesus makes it clear that he understands physical need and suffering. Being fully divine, Jesus made it clear numerous times that He is the One to fulfill our spiritual thirst. In all for which we thirst, Jesus is the One to bring hope and fulfillment.

April 10 (Palm Sunday) “Into Your Hands” Jesus’ words, “Into Your hands, I commit my spirit” is an example of prayer. Life can throw us Palm Sunday praise or Good Friday devastation. Both are temporary. We can find hope that transcends by always, prayerfully, placing our life and our spirit into the eternal care of God’s loving hands.

April 14 (Holy Thursday) “This Is My Body, This Is My Blood” On the last night of his life, Jesus celebrated a meal with his disciples in which he spoke of the sacrifice of his body and blood, using the elements of bread and wine. This sacrifice was for the forgiveness of sins and reconciled relationship with God. What he has done through this sacrifice is to be remembered and celebrated, and its meaning is to be lived out in our life, full of hope.

April 15 (Good Friday) It Is Finished” Jesus’ last words of “It is finished” are not a cry of defeat, but of victory. The work that God the Father sent Jesus to do was completed on the cross—mission accomplished. Jesus’ work of rescuing us from sin and death is complete, but his work in us and in the world is ongoing, continuing to bring us hope.

April 17 (Easter Sunday) “Do Not Be Afraid” On that first Easter, an angel appeared to the women who came to the tomb and told them not to be afraid, Jesus had risen from the dead. Running to tell the disciples, the women were met by Jesus who told them not to be afraid. When Jesus appeared to the disciples, he asked them why they were afraid. The resurrection of Jesus scatters fear and gloom, and enlivens hope for us.

April 24 “Going Out Together” Relationships are foundational to the Gospel. God wants a relationship with all His people. We are invited to connect in spiritual friendship with those not already in a life-giving relationship with Christ. Why? So that together we might experience a hope-filled relationship with Christ. Together hope thrives.

Contemporary Worship 9:00 a.m.

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Preparing Our Hearts for Worship

Welcome & Sharing Our Life Together

Centering Words: Love your enemies. Pray for those who mistreat you. Let go of the past, forgive and turn to the future freed for hope.

Greeting One Another

Opening Praise:
“What Would Jesus Do”
“Jesus, Friend of Sinners”

Service of Diminishing Lights
Children’s Message

Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer

God’s Word: Luke 6:27-36; Luke 23:32-38

Message: “Father Forgive Them” Kirk Peterson

Holy Communion

Closing Praise: “This Is Amazing Grace”

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