April 26 “Parables of Salvation” Jesus’ parables about salvation present a number of perspectives including fairness about when people come to salvation and salvation is by faith in Christ alone. Most of what are called parables of salvation are said to be obvious parables. Are they? Those who have ears, let them hear. Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16; Luke 13:22-30

April 26 – Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m.

Welcome & Announcements

Video Greeting by Jennifer Burnes

Children’s Message with Dora Slyder

Music by Trinity Live:
“Reckless Love”

God’s Word: Matthew 20:1-16; Luke 13:22-30

“Tell Me the Stories of Jesus”

Message: “Parables of the Salvation” by Jennifer Flores

Invitation & Prayer

“Amazing Grace”


“Easter People Raise Your Voices”

*Organ Music by Lindsey Pertuset