The Daniel Dilemma – Stand Firm & Love Well
Our worship series “The Daniel Dilemma” runs from April 28 through June 2 with the tag line “How to stand firm and love well in a culture of compromise.” In the series we will look at Daniel’s example and Jesus’ example of how we can stand up for God and be engaging and loving people in our culture. We can be people of influence who stand out because of the way we relate to others, serve those in need, and reflect the love, care, and kindness of our God. We can be people who stand firm and love well.

We have the reality of living in this fallen world, but as followers of Christ we are not to live in the ways of this world that are not aligned with God. Through our witness we are to show God’s love and truth and have a positive influence on culture. God’s Word teaches us about living in this world but not being of this world.

Daniel 1:8-17
John 17:13-19