A Whole Other Affair

To protect the sanctity of home and marital relationship, the holy covenant of marriage should not be violated by sexual unfaithfulness. God intends for marriage partners to be fully faithful to each other according to His ways, and to steer clear of the lust in the heart that constitutes adultery. With how rampant adultery seems to be, “Do not commit adultery” is a commandment for today.

Adultery is a specific form of ___________ ______________ that directly violates the marriage _________________.

Any sexual relations outside of marriage constitute ___________ ________________.

It is clear that adultery is not limited to the ___________ ______.

Jesus speaks figuratively about the need for radical steps to ____________ _________.

What is one suggested step to keep control and not stumble? ___________________________________________________

What is one positive term in which the seventh commandment can be seen? ________________________________________________

In writing to the Ephesians, Paul uses the relationship between Christian husbands and wives to illustrate the relationship which exists between ______________ and the ________________.

There is the absolute need for husbands and wives to ___________ _______________ each other within their marriage relationship.