Sermon Title: Seeing with the Eyes of Jesus

SEPTEMBER WORSHIP 2022  “One at a Time” series 

September 4, “One at a Time” Series Week 1: “Seeing with the Eyes of Jesus”. To love people and make a difference in this world, we need help. With people, what we see and what Jesus sees is often different. Our prayer can be for Jesus to help us see people the way He sees people to reach one person at a time. Scriptures: Luke 8:40-48; Matthew 8:1-4. Kirk Peterson preaching.

September 11, “One at a Time” Series Week 2: “God’s Work in Us Then Through Us”. We have the need to invite God to do something in us first to have God do something through us. God works in us to will and act to fulfill His good purpose through us. Our prayer can be “God, do something in me to do something through me” to reach one person at a time. Scriptures: Philippians 2:12-13; Hebrews 13:20-21. Kirk Peterson preaching.

September 18,  “One at a Time” Series Week 3: “The Proximity Principle”. For opportunities to love others as God commands, we must take the risk of going to the places and people to which God wants us to go.  To do what God wants requires proximity.  Our prayer can be to overcome the fear and take the risk for the opportunities we have, to show God’s love to others and reach one at a time. Scriptures:  Mark 5:1-20; Acts 8:26-40. Kirk Peterson preaching.

September 25, “One at a Time” Series Week 4: “The Power of Compassion in Action”.  Jesus demonstrated that His compassion led to action.  The test of our compassion is action.  We may feel compassion, but the way to know whether we choose compassion is what we do, not how we feel.  Our prayer can be to show the compassion of Jesus to reach one at a time. Scriptures:  Luke 7:11-17; Matthew 20:29-34. Jennifer Burns preaching.

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Message: “Going Out Together” Kirk Peterson

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