Message: Grace for the Wretched

“Amazing Grace” series

March 5 “Grace for the Lost” Jesus extends grace to those who are disgraced in society and lost. He offers grace to both sinners as well as the wayward self-righteous. Jesus tells of celebration grace possible for all who are lost, even those who are not aware of their lostness. When lost, God’s amazing grace is granted to us.

March 12 “Grace for the Blind” Blindness is so much more than the physical. Spiritual blindness shows the need for God’s gracious mercy and sight. God is merciful to those who confess spiritual blindness, giving them the sight and faith that makes them well through Christ. Addressing spiritual blindness, God’s amazing grace is granted to us.

March 19 “Grace for those Ashamed” Shame can isolate us. When we have something shameful weighing upon us, we do not want others to know or be burden with it. We tend to bury whatever it is of which we are ashamed. To become free of shame, God’s amazing grace is granted to us.

March 26 “Grace for the Wretched” Paul’s journey to grace started with his religious zeal for the Law and its traditions, and his persecution of Jesus’ followers. After his conversion, he acknowledged his own wretched state and struggle with weaknesses. Through it all Paul trusted Christ for the victory of grace. In our wretched state, God’s amazing grace is granted to us.

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