Trunk-or-Treat Volunteer Information

Trunk-or-Treat will be in the North lot! That will be best for flow since a haunted classroom is not being incorporated this year and other activities are taking its place. I have some additional info on that flow in the event doc I shared. Essentially, it’ll be as follows:

  • Attendees park in the south lot. Signage and south lot director volunteer to support.
    Attendees line up in the back driveway. Table with the entrance coordinators to give instructions and hold until all trunks / cars are ready by 5:00 PM.
  • Attendees walk clockwise around the north lot perimeter to get candy from decorated cars.
    North lot director volunteers to invite attendees in for food and activities. Food in Fellowship Hall and activities in Christian Center.
  • Food and activities available for the duration of the event.
    Attendees interested in the costume contest gather in the Christian Center by 6:30 PM for the costume parade, judging, and prizes.
  • Volunteers for trunk decorations and costumes to gather in the Christian Center by 7:00 PM for judging and prizes.
  • Event ends and cleanup starts. All volunteers to complete / support before exiting. This gets us all home at a decent time!
  • RAIN PLAN: Event schedule stays the same, but North lot will be closed and South lot directors will move attendees to line up in the classroom hallway. North lot directors will be utilized to hold attendees in line by the breezeway – 1 at the beginning, 1 on the other side toward the sanctuary. Trunk volunteers will line up in the breezeway and hand out candy in costume. Breezeway will be decorated with available supplies. Director will instruct attendees around the square to participate in dinner and activities following the short walkthrough. If inclement weather arises, the rain plan will be called by 4:00 PM at the latest