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Fresh Expressions

The Fresh Expressions National Gathering was an opportunity for re-missioning! After two years of delay, we were able to gather in March for motivation, inspiration, and challenge.

Bishop Ulmer was a guest preacher who inspired us to think about our mission to make Disciples. He said he once turned in a paper (having not actually attended the class). When it was returned it said: “Good Paper, Good Research, Good Writing, Grade F … But this was not the assignment.”

What is our assignment? Good building? Good programs?…This is not the assignment.

This conference challenged us to get back to basics: discipleship and discipling. We need Christians who are willing to move from being Spiritual Young Adults (people who know and claim the faith and use their spiritual gifts to serve) to being Spiritual Parents. Spiritual Parents aren’t experts, they are simply those who are willing to be sent into relationships with the Spiritually Dead.

We have spent much time and energy helping people move from Spiritual Infancy to Spiritual Young-Adulthood. What we need now is to invest in equipping one another to parent (love, guide, mentor, heal, inspire) others in their journey.


  • Through making time to build relationships with people where they already are (clubs, work, parks, stores, online games, social media, etc.).
  • Through asking thoughtful questions rather than telling someone else answers (look to Jesus as an example of asking questions).
  • Through story telling Jesus stories and how they connect to our stories.
  • Through building safe-spaces where trust can be rebuilt and healing can be found.
  • Through taking the risk to invite someone into your circle of friends.

A speaker from England challenged us by saying that we tell people to go and share the Good News, but telling is not the same as equipping. Well at Trinity, we are committed to do more than just telling. We want to equip you to become a Spiritual Parent. Sign up for our new class introducing us to practical skills for forming spiritual friendships. Going Out Together will focus on equipping us, in tangible ways, for discipleship and discipling in this 21st century.