Pastor Jennifer

Pastor Jennifer Around Town

The door was unlocked, the candy grabbed, the balloons distributed. They had officially “Unleashed Joy!” With the “end” of the Escape Room reached, I expected that people would quickly disperse. To my surprise, people lingered. They gathered again, waiting for whatever came next. So I suddenly found myself talking to the whole group again. I thanked them for coming, invited them to share ideas, and invited them to return for the next thing. Officially dismissed, I expected folks to quickly leave. Yet again I was surprised and delighted! People stood and talked. Two Whiz Kids families, filled with joy and energy, talked and talked. One child suggested we do an art class and a geo-caching event. A couple who drove from Fairfield to attend, lingered and talked about how great it was to see an intergenerational church, how they wished they didn’t work Sunday mornings, and how they planned to return to our Wed. night dinners (and they have!). Another family talked with Pastor Kirk about their family connections to Trinity, and how much fun they had.

People came together for a bit of fun, but they found so much more. They found a space to be appreciated, to be themselves, to be welcomed, to belong. The seed of hope begins to take root when we recognize that we are not alone. This summer, families’ lives will once again be unmoored from the structure of school. Change and transition can be hard on children and families. Adrift, we can become increasingly overwhelmed, stressed, desperate, etc. But we need not be isolated and alone. Church has always been an anchor in my life. It is a place where I can contribute meaningfully, flourish in my uniqueness, be welcomed holistically as I am, and to belong as part of something greater than myself. I’m excited to continue exploring and experimenting this summer with ways we can help new people find these same core blessings that God offers through the Body of Jesus Christ.

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