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Follow the Gratitude Path and Know God is Good

22 Nov 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
There are always going to be challenges, difficulties and problems for us and for the church because of the world in which live. Such things can take our focus...

What Do You Crave?

15 Nov 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
To covet is to desire or crave that which is another’s, to have that for one’s self. The tenth Commandment prohibits coveting “anything that belongs to...

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth. Help us God!

8 Nov 2017 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
In the Garden of Eden the serpent did not tell Adam and Eve the truth which lent to their decision to be disobedient to God. People not being truthful has been...

That’s Not Yours

2 Nov 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
The commandment not to steal was given to command respect of others and their property. This is an important element in maintaining a good and stable society....

A Whole Other Affair

27 Oct 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
To protect the sanctity of home and marital relationship, the holy covenant of marriage should not be violated by sexual unfaithfulness. God intends for...

Murder Mystery?

15 Oct 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
To help preserve society and because people are made in God’s image, no one is to take another person’s life by murder.  God, the giver of life, clearly...

Honor Your Parents

8 Oct 2017 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
To honor your parents implies respect, obedience, and submission to their authority.  It is the only commandment accompanied by a stated promise.  Those who...

A Day Apart

1 Oct 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Drawing on the fact that God Himself created in six days and rested on the seventh, we have been provided with the gift of a day to observe and focus on the...

Are We Speaking in Vain?

24 Sep 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
There is more to taking the Lord’s name in vain than curse words, as many people think.  Understanding the original context can help us avoid breaking the...
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