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Countercultural or Counterproductive?

25 Jun 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Much of our culture today is moving in a direction opposite of faithful Christian belief and practice.  We face the choice of going with the flow or against...

Do You Have Your Father’s Eyes?

18 Jun 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
The question is often asked, “What does the Christian life look like?”  Our Heavenly Father has divine qualities and perspective that we are to faithfully...

Faithfully Following God’s Call

11 Jun 2017 0 Comment Laura Saunders
Much like Abraham, God’s people are called to go on a faith journey where the destination is uncertain.  This is not at all easy to do.  However, when we...

Disciples Path: The Mission – Joining God in His Work

28 May 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Jesus said that God’s kingdom is among us and therefore we are to live out our discipleship within the earthly context we find ourselves.  God has a mission...

Disciples Path: The Life – Living the Spiritual Disciplines

21 May 2017 0 Comment Laura Saunders
A disciple’s life is rooted in the practice of spiritual disciplines.  Some main disciplines are the study of the Bible, prayer, community, serving, and...

Disciples Path: The Truth – Engaging the Foundations of Faith

14 May 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Many people claim Christianity, but do they really know what they say they believe?  Knowing what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and weaving that into the...

Disciples Path: The Call – Counting the Cost of Following Christ

7 May 2017 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Accepting Jesus’ call to discipleship represents a foundational change in a disciple’s identity, purpose, and way of understanding the world.  Accepting...

Disciples Path: The Way – Discovering Christ’s Path of Discipleship

30 Apr 2017 0 Comment Laura Saunders
Choosing  to follow Christ is the initial step of faith in our relationship with Him.  The steps following include placing Jesus at the center of our life,...
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