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God with Us Brings Joy

16 Dec 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Our joy is rooted in gratitude, meaning, and hope fulfilled in relationship with God. This joy defies our circumstances and is that active choice for us. The...

God with Us Brings Peace

9 Dec 2018 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
Peace is not the absence of pain, but the very presence of Jesus with us. His peace is His presence with us no matter the circumstances. We have peace because...

God with Us Brings Hope

2 Dec 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
God’s messages and promises fuel hope inside of us. Based on God’s Word, God’s character, and God’s faithfulness, hope is alive today even in our...

Thy Kingdom Come

25 Nov 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
When coming to earth Jesus ushered in His kingdom, but it was not the kingdom most people had in mind. He brought a spiritual kingdom in which His followers...

Thanksgivings to God

18 Nov 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
We can be thankful to God for a multitude of reasons, including thankfulness for how generously God gives to us. With what God supplies we can also be generous...

I Believe in the Resurrection of the Body

11 Nov 2018 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
We believe that Christ’s death and resurrection have conquered death and that He will return. This gives us hope and the promise that even though our...

I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins

4 Nov 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
We believe that we all need forgiveness, and in God’s love and grace through Jesus we have the forgiveness and salvation we need to gain eternal life. God...

I Believe in the Church and the Communion of Saints

28 Oct 2018 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
Belief in the church and the communion of saints starts with the understanding that the church is the community of people formed and called by Jesus to be His...

I Believe in the Holy Spirit

21 Oct 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Belief in the Holy Spirit is belief in the Spirit of God actively working in our lives, leading us, guiding us, forming and shaping us. The Holy Spirit is...
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