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Holiness and Our Wills

12 Aug 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
It is our wills that ultimately determine whether we pursue holiness or not in our character and conduct. Our responsibility regarding our will is to guard our...

Holiness in Spirit

5 Aug 2018 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
Holiness is not limited to our actions, but includes our thoughts. Our thoughts are just as important to God as our actions, so we need to continually renew...

Holiness in Body

29 Jul 2018 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
Our body is the temple of God, so the pursuit of holiness includes keeping the sinful desires of the body under control. As we depend on the Holy Spirit, we...

The Place of Personal Discipline

22 Jul 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
In writing to Timothy, Paul taught that we are to train or discipline ourselves to be godly. Discipline toward holiness begins with God’s word and leads us...

Putting Sin to Death

15 Jul 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
To put to death the misdeeds of our sinful human nature is to destroy the strength and vitality of sin as it tries to reign in us. This is done through the...

God’s Provision and our Responsibility

8 Jul 2018 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
God delivers us from the reign of sin, unites us with Christ, and gives us the indwelling Holy Spirit, who convicts us of our sin, increases our desire for...

The Battle for Holiness

1 Jul 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Through Jesus it is a fact that sin no longer has dominion over us, and yet sin continues to wage those battles against us. Dealing swiftly and firmly with the...

Holiness of Christ

24 Jun 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
The holiness of Christ is revealed in the absence of sin and his perfect conformity to the will of God.  We are made righteous through His sacrifice for us...

Holiness is Not an Option

17 Jun 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Scripture tells us that without holiness no one will see the Lord.  God’s nature demands holiness in the life of Christians.  We are called to be holy in...
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