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Practicing Prayer and Fasting

17 Mar 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Lent is a season of prayer and fasting. We grow in our relationship with Jesus through prayer, and we learn more about Him and ourselves by giving up those...

Being Salt and Light

12 Mar 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Jesus calls us to be salt and light in this world of sin. We who have tasted and seen His great love for us can savor His salvation and shine with His glory...

How to Be a Transformer

3 Mar 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
In revealing His glory to us in Jesus, God shows how we can be transformed by His Spirit—instruction that comes through His Word. God provides for our...

How to ‘Lift Up’ Those Who are Down

23 Feb 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Life is hard, and in our love for one another we are called to encourage one another. Encouragement, building others up, is taking the truth of Scripture by...

How to Resolve Conflict in Relationships

17 Feb 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Living in harmony is critical for loving one another. Awareness of what causes disharmony or conflict is important for finding the solutions to address...

How to Love Those Who are Different

10 Feb 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
To love each other the way Jesus loved His disciples means we must accept others as Jesus accepted us. We are to view others in light of their eternity and...

How to Connect Deeply with Others

3 Feb 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
To love one another and connect deeply takes devotion to one another and being intentional about connecting in that devotion. A variety of obstacles can get in...

How to Develop Authentic Relationships

27 Jan 2019 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
To fulfill Jesus’ command to love one another, we must recognize that we are all part of the body of Christ and belong to one another. This understanding...

A New Commandment for the New Community

20 Jan 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
If we are to be true disciples of Jesus we must take Jesus and His word seriously. Jesus commanded His followers to love one another, a commandment that...
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