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I Believe in Jesus Christ

14 Oct 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Belief in Jesus is more than simply that he was a great moral teacher. He is Lord and Savior, bringing us salvation through the forgiveness of our sins, and...

I Believe in God

7 Oct 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Belief in God fundamentally changes our perspective on the world, our place in it, and on our own lives. In belief in God, Christians see themselves in daily...

Meditate on These Things

30 Sep 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
We easily get anxious and focus our attention on concerns instead of Christ. To make matters worse, we have an enemy who attacks and invades our minds with...

The Peace of God Will Guard Your Heart

23 Sep 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
The peace we can have is from God and of God. God builds a fortress of peace around our hearts and minds as we come to Him. Throughout the storms of life we...

Present Your Requests to God

16 Sep 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
We can choose prayer over despair, approaching God with our requests for the needs we have. We have the gift of prayer to come confidently to the throne...

Let Your Gentleness Be Evident to All

9 Sep 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Gentleness can be defined as a temperament that is seasoned and mature. Gentleness displays composure and a contagious calm with the reminder that God is in...

Rejoice in the Lord Always

2 Sep 2018 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
Anxiety is harmful to our well-being. The Apostle Paul’s prescription for anxiety is the call to rejoice in the Lord. To rejoice in the Lord is a call not...

Holiness in an Unholy World

26 Aug 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Living in an unholy world, we must strive to resist its influence, and be “salt and light” as Jesus said. Our convictions about God’s will for a holy...

Holiness and Faith

19 Aug 2018 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Holiness is faithful obedience to God in whatever God directs, and faith is necessary to live a life pleasing to God. Faith and holiness are inextricably...
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