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Your Prayers Have Power

30 Jun 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Prayer is not to be the last resort in the life of a Christian but the first step in any situation. Our God waits and desires to hear from us. We can know our...

You Are an Heir of God

23 Jun 2019 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
We are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ. We have been promised a divine inheritance that is abundant for those who put their faith in God. Being an heir...

God Will Win the Victory

16 Jun 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Satan’s activities have occurred ever since the Garden of Eden with his intent to separate people from God. Although Satan remains very active, the fact is...

You Are Stamped with God’s Image

9 Jun 2019 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
We were made in the image of God. Sin has distorted the image of God within us, but we are being inwardly transformed and renewed so that we can bear God’s...

What the World Needs Now

2 Jun 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Daniel demonstrated what we must do in our interactions with others: connect before you correct. Sharing our faith is about relationship, being genuine, honest...

Divided, Distracted, and Disturbed

26 May 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
The busyness of life often weighs us down and distracts us by the next urgent demand. However, when we recognize our limitations we are motivated to make the...

Who’s the Boss?

19 May 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
We live in a culture that is social media obsessed and saturated with opinions and comments thinly veiled in pride. If we are to stand strong, love well, and...

You Are What You Worship

12 May 2019 0 Comment Amanda Moseng
Worship is our response to what we value most and we have to be careful not to be led astray and robbed of the purpose, peace, and joy God has created for us...

Identity Theft

5 May 2019 0 Comment Kirk Peterson
Other people and cultural forces attempt to define us, bringing a constant tension between who God says we are and who the world says we should be. As God’s...
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