What’s On Your Mind?

Summer Sermon Series “What’s On Your Mind?”

July 2 “Where in the World is God?” With our world such as it is, the question is raised about God’s work in the world and what God’s work looks like. Even in the midst of turmoil and tragedy, fear and uncertainty, there is abundant evidence of God’s work in our world. Is the question of where in the world is God on our mind?

July 9 “Courage for the Next Step” Change and challenges in our life are inevitable. With these things come many unknowns which can be frightening. Yet, we have the assurances of our faith in God. We can take the next step in our journey with strength and courage because God is with us. Is having courage for the next step on our mind?

July 16 “How Can We Disagree Agreeably?” There are numerous issues these days about which there is much disagreement. Even Christians have some different opinions, beliefs, and perspectives that inevitably lead to disagreements. Too often disagreements escalate into painful and harsh conflicts. In our disagreements we can still treat one another us God calls us to. Is how to disagree agreeably on our mind?

July 23 “What’s Your Approach?” The gospel message is always the same, yet there is the challenge of reaching persons of different ages and stages in life with the message. Consideration must be given to how different persons communicate. Effective ways can be discovered and learned to reach out to a variety of people with the gospel. Is the approach we take on our mind?

July 30 “Do You Care to Help?” Aging and health issues are among many concerns people have for others, especially their loved ones. Caring for others in their challenges and struggles in life creates issues for those who seek to be helpful to them. Care for both care-receivers and care-givers is necessary in these situations. Is caring to help on our mind?

August 6 “What Comfort Do You Bring?” There are multitudes of people grieving over loss and death, or are being afflicted in some way. These persons are in need of comfort, whether they ask for it or not. As God’s people and receiving comfort from Him, we can help bring comfort to those grieving or afflicted. Is bringing comfort to others on our mind?

August 13 “Forgiven, Restored, Reconciled” Forgiveness is a huge issue for Christians and non-Christians alike. People struggle with giving and receiving forgiveness. God’s desire is for all people to be forgiven, restored, and reconciled. This can happen by having faith in Jesus who made the sacrifice for our forgiveness. Is being forgiven, restored and reconciled on our mind?

August 20 “How Do You Decide?” Making decisions is often not at all easy. From big to little decisions we frequently want and need help and guidance. Our decisions are critical in that they reflect our relationship with God and can bring life-altering results for ourselves and others. We can trust God to provide for our needs in decision-making. Is how we decide on our mind?

August 27 “Can You Be a Change-Maker for God?” Our world is such that we may often feel we cannot make a difference. So much seems to be out of our control and influence. However, Jesus taught his followers to be agents of change through their witness as “salt and light” in the world, and assured them that they would do even greater things. Is being a change-maker for God on our mind?

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