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Fall Sermon Series “The Ten Commandments for Today”

October 1 “A Day Apart” Drawing on the fact that God Himself created in six days and rested on the seventh, we have been provided with the gift of a day to observe and focus on the worship of God and rest. This day is not be burdened with all kinds of man made restrictions, and is to be the intended blessing and benefit to us. Honoring the Sabbath, a day apart, is a commandment for us today.

October 8 “Honor Your Parents” To honor your parents implies respect, obedience, and submission to their authority. It is the only commandment accompanied by a stated promise. Those who honor their parents are promised God’s blessing. Honoring our parents is more than a family obligation. We honor God by honoring our parents. Honoring our parents is a commandment for today.

October 15 “Murder Mystery” To help preserve society and because people are made in God’s image, no one is to take another person’s life by murder. God, the giver of life, clearly commands us not to take the life of another by murder, and not to commit murder in our heart by our anger toward another. Not committing murder should be no mystery as a commandment for today.

October 22 “A Whole Other Affair” To protect the sanctity of home and marital relationship, the holy covenant of marriage should not be violated by sexual unfaithfulness. God intends for marriage partners to be fully faithful to each other according to His ways, and to steer clear of the lust in the heart that constitutes adultery. With how rampant adultery seems to be, “Do not commit adultery” is a commandment for today.

October 29 “That’s Not Yours” The commandment not to steal was given to command respect of others and their property. This is an important element in maintaining a good and stable society. God provides for our needs when we are faithful to Him. There is no excuse for taking what is not ours to take. Not stealing is a commandment for today.

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