Current Sermon Series

January 6 “Getting Over the Humps to Come to Jesus” The Wise Men had much to overcome in
seeking out the Messiah/King. People today also have many challenges in coming to Jesus. Learning
from the Wise Men can help in getting over the humps. God provides for us to persevere.

January 13 “Living Out Our Baptismal Calling” God claims us in our baptism and forms our call to
ministry in the priesthood of believers. Through baptism we receive the Holy Spirit and are empowered
to serve and live Spirit-filled lives. God provides for us to live the life God desires for us.

January 20 “A New Commandment for the New Community” If we are to be true disciples of Jesus
we must take Jesus and His word seriously. Jesus commanded His followers to love one another, a
commandment that carries His expectations for us as His people. God provides for us to fulfill the
commandment to love one another.

January 27 “How to Develop Authentic Relationships” To fulfill Jesus’ command to love one
another, we must recognize that we are all part of the body of Christ and belong to one another. This
understanding helps us to develop authentic and meaningful relationships with each other that are rooted
in Christ. God provides for us to develop and have authentic relationships.