Current Sermon Series

January: Christian Clichés

  • January 5 “Lessons from Some Wise Men” In what Matthew tells us in his gospel about the wise men there is much for us to learn that we can apply to our Christian life. We will be wise to learn and live those lessons.
  • January 12 “Everything Happens for a Reason” When something bad happens especially we tend to look for a particular reason or purpose or someone to which we can assign responsibility. Importantly, this informs our concept of God on the spectrum of His being the cause of everything, to allowing everything to happen. We can believe God is sovereign, gives freedom, and works through people.
  • January 19 “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” God has endowed us with a number of abilities in life for us to help ourselves and others. We are to help ourselves by doing what we can and should do and we are to help others when they have the inability to do for themselves. We can believe in God’s grace for us and our extension of grace to others.
  • January 26 “God Won’t Give You More than You Can Handle” We have no immunity in life from trials, temptations, and hardship. God doesn’t cause everything and there is no promise that we can handle everything ourselves that life throws at us. We can believe the promises of God that He wants to be our help, guide and strength in whatever we experience.