Current Sermon Series

January 7  “What’s Your Epiphany?”  An epiphany is often defined as a manifestation; or to show, make known, or reveal.  God has manifested Himself to us in Christ, the epiphany we celebrate in the visit of the wise men to Jesus.  Today, we need to be wise like them in our response to the epiphany of Christ to us.

January 14  “What Does Baptism Mean to You?”  Jesus himself was baptized and instituted the sacrament of baptism.  Baptism is an important part of our belief in what God does, and in professing our faith in Him.  Today, baptism holds powerful meaning for us in living for Jesus.

January 21  “Answering the Call to Be Disciples”  Jesus initially called twelve ordinary men to be his disciples.  From that point, the call to be his disciples spread widely and was answered by a variety of people.  Today, Jesus calls each of us to be his disciple, a call we need to positively answer.

January 28  “Jesus Christ: Tomb Raider”  Jesus’ ministry was filled with miracles he performed, including healing the sick, casting out demons, feeding the multitudes, and raising the dead to life.  His miracles brought many people to faith in him.  Today, the miraculous power of Jesus is still at work in our lives.

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