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Fall Sermon Series “The Ten Commandments for Today”

November 5 “The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth. Help us God! In the Garden of Eden the serpent did not tell Adam and Eve the truth which lent to their decision to be disobedient to God. People not being truthful has been a problem ever since. As we follow Christ, who is the Truth, we should commit to being truthful in our words, thoughts, and actions. Do not lie is a commandment for today.

November 12 “What Do You Crave?” To covet is to desire or crave that which is another’s, to have that for one’s self. The tenth Commandment prohibits coveting “anything that belongs to your neighbor.” Instead of desiring or craving what others have, our desire should be for Christ and the work of His Spirit in our life. Do not covet is a commandment for today.

November 19 “Follow the Gratitude Path and Know God is Good” There are always going to be challenges, difficulties and problems for us and for the church because of the world in which live. Such things can take our focus off counting our blessings and affirming that God is good. “When we follow Jesus along the gratitude path of life, we discover that we too live closer to God and experience God’s abundance and blessings in our life.” God is good!

November 26 “Jesus Christ, Our Lord and King” Several places in Scripture Jesus is identified as king. Christ is no ordinary king. As we approach Advent, we are reminded that Christ is our sovereign King who came to save the world through his humble death on the cross. We are called to be loyal and obedient people of his kingdom.

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