Advent Scripture Reading Plan

December is such a busy month- preparing for Christmas, multiple events, growing to-do lists, but are we pausing to reflect on the season of Advent? Advent is a time of waiting and anticipation for the coming of Christ.

Suggestions for Daily Bible Readings

  • Find a Quiet place to do your daily readings and eliminate all distractions.
  • Before you read the scripture, pray that the Holy Spirit would illuminate the words on the page and show you what they mean and how you can apply it to your life.
  • Journal any new insights, words or phrases that jump out to you, or reflections from your reading.
  • For the Sunday hymn selections, reflect on the following questions:
    • What does this tell us about Jesus and the reason for His birth?
    • What does this tell us about ourselves?

2018 Advent Reading Plan Scriptures and Links

Printable Sheet HERE